Kathy Funderburg

Kathy Funderburg, Bryan, Ohio

It seems since I could hold a crayon (and stay in the lines) that I have been
an artist in one form or another! In the beginning, it was Saturday classes at the Toledo Museum (back in the day when we would play hide and go seek behind a Rembrandt or a Van Gogh in the dark archives after the teacher left the room!! Try that today!)

While attending summer classes at the University of Kansas, I discovered a new form of art – graphic design. Later, I attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh to continue the study of the graphic arts, my adult profession seemed to be set to go.

As time went on, the frustration of doing art for others, right or wrong, the way they wanted it, started to develop. It was at this point that a fellow artist spoke to me about applying parts of my unused ideas into a fine art genre and entering them in juried shows so that I could share my art. Thus began the “other side” of my life in the art world. Starting out in soft pastels, then tiny etchings, the latest passion has been to create large acrylic paintings. These new paintings, as before, have a thread of humor running in the background, but this new art often reveals a slightly darker theme than the soft pastel paintings. Many layers of thinly applied acrylic paint, applied with a dry brush technique have been used to create the ethereal look and mysterious feel of these larger acrylic paintings.

I am so happy to share this new form of art with you (plus some old favorites) and I hope you enjoy it. At the very least, it may get you thinking about the world of art and how boring this life would be without it!
It certainly has added a lot of “color” in my life!

Thank you for supporting the Arts!

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