Rebecca Graves

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Rebecca Graves’ background in graphic design, printmaking and textiles is apparent in the carved surfaces of her ceramics. Her desire to create truly useful pottery is the direct result of years working in environmental and interior design.

Presently, Rebecca works in a studio in the lake region of Northeastern Indiana with two other potters. The opportunity for daily collaboration and critique with her studio partners keeps her striving to create a high quality, creative and functional collection of pottery. Growing up in a creative family, Rebecca was sewing at age two and attending classes at the Toledo Museum of Art beginning at age four. She has constantly explored the arts from childhood without pause. If there is a technique Rebecca wants to learn, she researches, experiments, or finds an artist willing to teach her then personalizes it to suit her style. With over twenty-five years of working as a studio artist as well as a variety of apprenticeships and studio assistantships, and a career in corporate retail as a regional merchandising director, Rebecca has grown into a life of art.

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